Buying Dorico Pro -- problems with checking eligibility for educational license [solved]

Hello! After 2 decades of using Lilypond I decided to make the move to Dorico (engraving-wise it is the figured bass feature which did it for me). Since I’m a university professor I’d like to buy the educational license. I logged in at mysteinberg, registered the e-licenser, added the Dorico Pro product to the cart, and then was sent to a different website to check my eligibility for the license. I uploaded a PDF of my recent pay stub and got an email that my query would be processed.

However, I don’t seem to have a way to check how it’s going. I received the following link by email: Steinberg Online Shop

However, when I click that link and enter my login and password, I’m told ‘No matches found. Please check your entries!
Thank you for your understanding.’ To be honest, I just don’t understand this message. Taken literally, I’d think it says that there’s no trace of my query in the database. What should I do to really check the status of my query?

(I just checked and the login and password do work at the mysteinberg website, I can log in without any problems to the shop itself.)

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Welcome to the forum, Elwro. You will probably receive a further automated email today once one of my colleagues has verified your eligibility, which is a process that is still done the old-fashioned way, by somebody looking at the proof supplied and making a determination. If you’ve not received a further email by tomorrow, please drop me a line at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de to let me know the name and email address you used for your application, and I can ask one of my colleagues to check on it for you.

Thank you, Daniel. I’ll keep waiting, then, and continue using the trial version. I have to say Dorico already seems to be an amazing achievement, congratulations!

I just want to thank Daniel (and Ms. Anja from Steinberg) publicly for sorting this out. I’m now a happy client :slight_smile:

If someone else ends up in a similar situation and finds this thread: this was indeed the matter of my entering the wrong email address at some point and then misplacing the email which went to that address and contained the password to the Steinberg shop. Duh. I’ve been using computers for 35+ years now, I can code, I’ve been using Linux (alongside Windows) for 2 decades, and still I make such ‘easy’ mistakes…