Buying Iconica Second Hand

Hi there

I am about to buy Iconica second hand and I have a few questions:

  1. The seller has it on a USB, do I need to buy the USB dongle or can I transfer it to my soft E-licence?
  2. If I buy the USB dongle, will this become obsolete at some point and I won’t be able to use the library?


Please ask the seller to follow the instructions in this page:

They need to ship their USB-eLicenser dongle to you. The license cannot be moved to a Soft-eLicenser once it’s put into a dongle. You’ll have to wait until this library makes the switch to Steinberg Licensing to use it without the dongle.

If the eLicenser servers are ever shut down, the licenses in the dongle will continue to work for as long as the dongle isn’t physically damaged.

Thank you

What if I buy a USB dongle? Can he transfer the licence into mine USB dongle to avoid shipping time/cost?


To transfer a license from one USB-eLicenser to another, both must be plugged into the same computer. So, unfortunately, this isn’t going to avoid any shipping.