Buying Retrologue 2

Hi, need some advise here.

One of my sisters kid has birthsday
and i want to give him Steinberg
Retrologue 2 for his birthsday.
He is 18 years old.
I need to tell him, he need a Steinberg
acount, which he can create for free.

Here is my questions, below.

Can i use my creditcard any pay for
his Retrologue, download it on my or
his computer (pc!), then give him the
Retrologue download installer file and
put it on a external hdd.
All he need to do is, install and activate
the Retrologue and activate the license.
I guess he needs an email, to recieve
the serial or activations license key, or whatever its called!.

Its properly a naive questions, but
i never done it this way!.