Buying / Selling Cubase 2nd hand

Hi I wanted to sell / give my Cubase pro 11 to someone else. I have the USB eLicenser. If I close my account can anyone else just use the USB and download and use as normal.

Other people are selling theirs on Ebay and other DAW companies are allow the secondhand transfer of their licences.

Does anyone know if it’s that easy as I found another DAW that was much easier to use and could really make back some of the money I spent on Cubase,
Thanks if anyone can help.

It’s the e-licenser which you register to an account, once the new user has the e-licenser you can remove registration from your account, and then they register it to and become new owner.

If you’re sending it then i’d recommend not remove it from your account until they confirm safe arrival. That way, if anything happens in post or they claim they did not receive it - you can recover the contents of that e-licenser back onto another one.

For reference there’s a wizard which informs you of the procedure to take:-

Thank you for the reply. If I was the buyer, how do I register because when I bought the code was in the box but now it says already used.

Just so I can give some basic instructions. If I was the one buying it and I didn’t know what to do I would start to panic and think I have been ripped off. So I just want to help who ever helps me by buying it.


If you’re the buyer, you download the e-licenser software and Cubase application, plug the dongle in and it works. Ideally the seller would burn a DVD with that software on, and distribute with the dongle.

When the seller removes the e-licenser (dongle) from their account registration, the buyer is free to register it under their account - No activation codes need to be input as it is an already activated product, only registration changes.