Buying the lifetime version of Dorico for iPad

When I first ran Dorico for iPad version 4.3 I saw the screen to purchase the lifetime version. When I tapped on the button to buy it nothing happened. Now I can’t find out how to buy it, the blog says there’s a button on the Hub screen in the upper right corner but when I look at the hub there’s no button there.
I would love to purchase the lifetime version so I would appreciate any/all help in making the purchase. Thank you.

I do not know how you can purchase now.

But you may find interesting what Daniel wrote in the Dorico blog:

“We are also planning some special offers for the summer, so if you are currently on the fence about updating or upgrading to Dorico 4, or are thinking about buying the new Lifetime Unlock in-app purchase in Dorico for iPad, you might want to hold off for a little while. Keep an eye on this blog and on the Learn page of the Hub window in Dorico on your desktop computer or on your iPad for more information as it becomes available.”


It looks like there’s a glitch with the new in-app purchase on Apple’s side. It’s worked flawlessly through our testing period, but it doesn’t seem to be working in the real App Store today. I have contacted Apple to ask them for their assistance. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks – but I couldn’t even find the link to try to make the purchase after the initial purchase screen failed and I started Dorico properly. Would that be Apple’s fault as well? The blog mentions an icon that should appear in the upper right of the Hub screen, but there’s nothing there, either in portrait mode or in landscape mode.

No, that’s not Apple’s fault: that’s our fault :slight_smile:

Presumably you currently have an active subscription, in which case you won’t see the Subscribe button in the Hub. You would need to cancel your subscription for that to appear again. But since the lifetime unlock option is not presently available right now anyway, you don’t need to worry for the time being.

Thanks – I appreciate your follow-up on this.

And if you cancel your subscription the purchase button won’t appear anyhow (or maybe this is the bug Daniel mentions).

Anyhow good news, I just got up before my cup of tea so was fuzzy, and would have just hit the buy button. Actually I did so, but it locked up, maybe because I hit “Restore” first? I thought I was restoring my monthly subscription … anyhow after trying Restore nothing worked, so I just used the “Maybe later” option (yeah I need my cuppa in the morning).

But good news regardless, I’m guessing Steinberg will give us a little sale before July when our subs run out to make up for paying for the last year. You folks are too kind to us …