buying through asknet AG

I am trying to buy upgrade (Cubase6 LE to Cubase 7 Elements) on Steinberg site with a credit card. Visa. The asknet AG site allows me to get to the Verified by Visa page but I cannot get any further. Cannot even enter my security information for verified by visa. Anyone at Steinberg/asknet know the problem. It is not with Visa, I called them.


your best bet is to contact (e-mail or phone) Asknet Customer Support:

Tech support at Steinberg is often not able to see the technical reason for a failed payment, and in any case can’t solve the issue from the back-end.

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Thanks, Fabio. I think the problem may be that my credit card is Canadian bank and address and I am in Philippines now with different URL address and it may throw them off.
Thanks for quick reply and I will phone Asknet when they open.