Buying unregisted cubase 10 pro from someone


how can i be 100% sure it is genuine? is there a way to check this?
he says he has the dongel but he never used the software.

what else do i need to take from him? a recipet?

please explain me the process and the easiest way to check it.

thank you.

Maybe you could contact Steinberg support with the dongle serial number to see if it is valid?

If the license is on a dongle, that means that they activated it, so at the very least they had to use the Elicenser Control Center. Whether they used the software or not is immaterial because the installers are freely available to all, simply by downloading the Steinberg Download Assistant.

If the seller is claiming they have an unregistered license, that would be a red flag to me since It’s the dongle to which the license was downloaded that is registered to the owner’s account on

There were a series of ebay fraud sales where the seller sold either dongles or activation codes that were later found by the buyers to be not-upgrade-able due to the licenses having been originally acquired through some kind of fraud, credit card or otherwise. The dongles these license were on were flagged- and tranferring licenses off them, or updating to newer versions were blocked on those dongles. I don’t know much more than that, but there was some discussion in the forum about it.

A receipt for the purchase of the license would be a good idea, and there could be a separate receipt for the dongle. But if it were fake, how would you know? Only a receipt from the store Steinberg contracts with,, would be a sure thing, it seems to me. Maybe a Guitar Center or Thomanns UK receipt would be viable since they are giant resellers.

thank you for trying to help!

the seller is from my city, and he agreed to activate and check that it is valid and working. he says he have the dongle but i dont know if he used it (can i find out)?

if he’ll agree to come to my house and regisered (with my name), activate, download and see that the software works, then everything is good, right? but can i publish what i produce? what

its 60% of the price…

how do i know that is valid? when and where do i see the prove its genuine? in the site or after installing and opening the app?

Well… I wonder if you read to the end of my message… anyway, at least read the Steinberg Resale Wizard, so you understand some basics.

  1. create a steinberg free account if you havent done it so
  2. install e-licenser program at least. When seller inserts the dongle while running the elicenser, you will see the active licenses
  3. educational versions have a restriction i think for publishing commercially your projects. If the license is educational, check FAQ before buy it if the restrictions are fine for you.
  4. you cant know if he used it. You can know only if he registered the key to his account. That does not matter at all because even if he has the dongle registered it to his account, he can delete the record so you can register it to your own new-created account

If it is an Educational version, it is bound to the buyer and not for resale!