Buzz with the new features here!

What great news this C6! Bought it right away and the next few waiting days will be a total PITA :slight_smile:

The Steinberg site is on so heavy load right now that couldn’t get to even read about the new features in C6 but I’d like to have some talk & info about them in this topic (luckily I managed to have the Forum viewed by my browser…).

What’s new in the mixer? New grouping options? What’s beyond the new MIDI composing interface?? Etc. etc. Would like to get a jump-start and know about them all! Please fill this topic with some buzz.

well VST expression 2 looks amazing. There’s the new snap grid for editing drum takes et al which looks damn good. Steinberg’s take on Guitar Rig (not sure if it has bass presets) and some pretty cool workflow. It looks great too!

you should be able to watch the videos on youtube

Just a question:

multioutput instrument track will be in a C6.xx series update or just later in C7…etc?


not sure, that statement in the FAQ is pretty cryptic! could be part of a 6.5 update maybe?

If I remember it correctly they had the same kind of statement when releasing C5… So I guess they are, for some reason, saving it for C7. I hope I’m wrong though :slight_smile:

  • Cubase 6 without new options for grouping tracks! MAH!!!
    Grouping tracks on the fly is a a million times request!!!
    Create a group in a 50 tracks mixing and waste time for detect where Cubase put them. …And waste other time for sending several tracks to that group!!! Waste and waste time!
    Steinberg, when do you give us this? …I’m praying for this :wink: …a 6.1 feature? HOPING.

  • Mixer? Routings? Side chains?.. The same?

  • Improvments to score layout?

For me, a BIG improvment in C6 are:

  • new “multitrack hitpoints” for drums quantize;
  • drum replace;
  • “multi take” managment;
  • editing folder for multi parts.
    This IS very pro!

It is normal that we get new features with the x.2, x.5 versions.

But I’ve read that when not using instrument-tracks but the vst-rack the mutiple out are available, so there is a work-a-round. I do still use the old vst-rack (F11) and do not see the advantage of using instrument-tracks (other than that you only have 1 track instead of a midi and an audio-track).


Exactly, the same statement annouanced at C5 release TWO years ago.

For Steinberg moderators: can we expect the multioutput instrument track in the 6.x or only in the 7.x?


The new drum editing options look VERY handy! looks like there’s a new time stretch algorithm lurking in there somewhere too! some of the new editors look rather useful too! VST exp 2 looks NICE!!!

Oh well took the plunge and hopefully it will be here in a few days! The £126 upgrade looked fairly reasonable too as it’s usually a bit more from a ‘shop’. Any ideas as to how long before we might recieve out copies here in the UK?
our guitarist has just ordered his copy too… and yeah the site seems to be getting some pretty heavy traffic at the moment.

That time-stretch thing caught my eye… I think that MPEX4 is one heck of an algorithm but are any of you aware about whether there will be MPEX% available in C6? Or is it still the same as in C5?


I saw another algorithm mentioned too actually, that was the one that caught my eye… will have a good look again and see if i can post a link to the section.

I knew i’d seen it somewhere… a new ‘zplane’ algorithm apparently…
let’s hope it’s better than mpex4!
here’s a piccy too!

the real way of making folder tracks is back!
select a bunch of tracks and invoke “Move selected tracks to a new folder” … yum

And reorder the Markers!

but still no multi out instrument tracks & the window scheme is still crap…
plus the mediabay is still wrong…