By the way, forgot to mention...

… I released a new album last month. 16 songs written over the last 10 years or so. Dedicated to my parents, the last of whom (my mother) passed away this year (one month after HER mother passed away! :confused: ).

All tracks were produced and recorded in Cubase, EXCEPT the title track which was recorded and produced by a friend of mine. I am very lucky - he did the work at no cost… and I’m talking about someone with an international reputation who normally does this work professionally. So… very very grateful. He even sang harmonies on the track! :smiley: The title track was originally written for our old forum buddy Jet.

Anyway, if you feel like a bit of background music while you’re online browsing by all mean head over to my bandcamp site and have a listen… assuming it’s your thing of course:

A Silent Slap Of Time

Congratulations on yet another album. Most enjoyable as I’ve been listing while on the net. Got halfway through and plan on listening to the rest later. Lots of strong feelings wrapped up in this.
Take Care,

Cheers Ian, nice work as always. :sunglasses:

Thanks John. :slight_smile: Still got the cap/hat by the way :wink:

Cheers Robin :slight_smile:

Oh, and… it’s a FREE download :sunglasses:

:slight_smile: forgot about that. It became a collectors item five years ago. Have you been hatted lately?
2014 holds the promise of a good year, be well.

Congrats on the album completion Ian. Really pushed for time lately so I just flicked through several. Some solid tunes and production there. (y) Really liked Silent Slap of Time.

This is good stuff Ian. I feel guilty taking the album for free. :frowning:

Cheers :slight_smile:

We’re pretty much in an era now where you almost have to PAY people to listen to a song let alone an entire album!
As Lenny said recently (elsewhere) Free was so 5 years ago, now it’s not only free but needs to come with a $20 Amazon gift voucher :laughing:


Well, if it’s any consolation, I’m really liking what I have heard so far.