Byepass Steinberg Hub


I’m trialling Dorico and would like to know how can I turn off the Dorico Hub so the program opens to a blank page or some other option?

All my other present programs have this option including Finale where the ‘Launch Window’ can be turned off and Sonar Platinum where the ‘Command Centre’ can be disabled. Through searching I also found that the ‘Steinberg Hub’ in Cubase can also be bypassed but can find no way of doing this in Dorico.

There must be some way of turning off or disabling this.

Thank you.

I’m sorry but the Hub will be the default opening screen for Dorico currently. However, you can change the Preference to have it not come back up when you close a project. Go to Preferences and change “When last window is closed” to “Do Nothing” and then the Hub will not pop back up each time. I hope this information is helpful.

Fixed it, thanks.