bypass all plugins of the master section

in WL6 was a simple ‘bypass’ button for the whole plugin section.
in WL7 i can not see such thing. i have to switch each slot individually to bypass.
am i overlooking something?


it actually illustrates why it is so difficult to transition from WL6-WL7. in WL6 the bypass was in the top plugin section called ‘BYPASS’ (makes sense or at the least is established since a LONG time). in WL7 it suddenly shows at the bottom of the dithering stage as just a green tick mark.
not that there is anything wrong with that as such (particularly if you have to anyway learn the app as a new user). but why re-model something that is perfectly well established over many years?
i am not against change, but what is the practical improvement of such a move?
especially when i put “bypass” into the help search and end up nowhere…


You can also assign a hotkey for this function.

I had this set up in WL6 and carried it over to WL7.

Hotkeys assigned to bypass, dim, mono … depending on how you work this simple function can make life a lot easier.

Hope this helps.