Bypass Audio Engine Dither Settings

Is there a way to bypass Cubase’s Dither option and rely strictly on a dithering plugin? If not, this would be a GREAT feature as it would allow for the preparation of stems/multitracks at multiple bit depths and output levels which are required for streaming and sync licensing.

I believe that’s how it always is - there’s nothing to bypass. If you don’t put a dithering plugin on your output, you aren’t dithering.

I was hoping there was a way to keep it from truncating all together and having just my final post fader limiter handle that completely. That would solve the issue with making a macro to produce different versions of songs and stems at different bit depths.

It’s as Raino says, there’s no dithering/truncating happening unless you do so with a plugin. Cubase itself doesn’t dither. If you export anything to i.e. 24 or 16 bit without dither it will truncate the upper bits.