Bypass Effect Shortcut

Hello, is it possible to create a shortcut for ‘‘Bypass Effect’’ and how to find this command on Key Commands?
Thank you

if you use the search function in the Key Commands for the word Bypass, after pressing the little plus sign in magnifying glass icon next to the search field a few times, it should lead you to a Key Command called Bypass: Inserts

Thank you for your reply, the key command of ‘‘Bypass Inserts’’ works for all inserts together on a track. What i’m looking for is a key command, that i can bypass just the insert effect i have open on a window.

I’m not aware of a way of doing that via Key Command. But it’s possible via external midi control, e.g. Track Quick Controls or Generic Remote

How to do this via midi? It doesn’t give me the choice to learn the “bypass effect” button of the insert effect

Workaround: search keycommands for: “a/” and then “Toggle A/B Setting” assign to key A or Shift-A. Bypass/Toggle off, your B setting.
It says “Switch A/B Setting” in the window and “Toggle A/B Setting” in keycommands. Quirky cubase as usual.