bypass in 9.5.15

The bypass bug is solved, but another bug is introduced with that.
When you have an already mastered audio file bypassed with the help of the star sign in the bottomright and you play it back it still passes the mastersection even though you don’t hear the processing. If you try to bypass a plugin it doesn’t work.
This was never the case in 9.0 and before and it’s a bit strange because you see all plugins and hardware processing audio and because it’s already been mastered they go nuts.
I hope this is not done on purpose, because that’s not a good thing. Because with the external gear inserted I sometimes want to monitor the gear itself with my hardware based monitor controller and matrix, now of course I get a lot of distorted sounds because of the over processing (not even mentioning driving tubes and things into distortion which is extra wear of the parts).

This is done on purpose since 9.5.0 (not new to 9.5.15)
The Master Section has 2 internal signal paths, that are always active:

  1. the plugin chain
  2. a latency compensation line, that works until the first slot of the “playback processing” section.

When Bypass is Off, the path #1 is injected to the playback processing slot.
When Bypass is On, the path #2 is injected to the playback processing slot.

Thanks to the latency compensation, there is no delay, and the bypass on/off transition is smooth (because the audio is yet ready, as processed all the time). Moreover, the “playback processing” is always active, which allows eg. room compensation. This was a long request.

In WaveLab <= 9, the whole Master Section was totally unused in Bypass mode. That mean, no room compensation possible. Also, no smooth transition between bypass on/off

Ah, I understand now and I must admit that I never used 9.5 because of the bypass bug, so for me this was new.
I did notice that the playback between bypassed and processed is faster now indeed which is nice.
And yes! Playback processing this way is a welcome addition.

Have to get used to the fact that in bypass it still shows as if audio is processed.

da goose,
Thanks for posting this. I noticed it on 9.5 and was hoping for a fix in 9.5.15 but I just read that it was and intentional addition to support the playback plugs. It will need some getting used to. I’m glad that my 9.0 is still operational.