Bypass inserts in each slot across multiple tracks

I know its possible to turn off all the plugins at once.How about a button that turns off all the plugins in insert 1 and another for insert 2 etc.Have it located at the edge of the inserts section,lined up with each insert.Would be great for quick a/b’s if say you have all eqs on insert 1 and compressors on insert 2.Was looking to do something similar but noticed it aint possible.

This exists in 8.5, I’m not on 9… Has this been removed for 9? There should be a button for bypass. If you click on it, it will grey out the plugin - alt+click, and it will fully disable it.

Maybe you misunderstood me?I mean disable every plugin in slot 1 and another button for slot 2 and 3 etc.For example ya have 15 tracks,with 1 click you can turn off the plugin in insert 1 for every track and so on.

Copy that, I did misunderstand. You want to be able to link enable/disable bypass of individual insert slots across multiple tracks.

Yup,would be a handy feature i reckon.Can be done by quick linking tracks but that still involves having to select all the tracks.

Actually renamed this as the original title wasnt very clear

Just select the tracks you want to affect and hold Ctrl Alt and click to bypass on any one of them.

It does involve having to select the tracks but this gives you the option of which are affected. I can live with this in preference to another button cluttering the ui that I will probably never use.