Bypass on QC (selected track)

I’d love to see under “selected track” on remote control the function “bypass plugin” just so I can compare easily with and without the current plugin where QC has the focus.

At the moment it seems I can add bypass for QC only for a specific plugin, but I’d like to add it for whatever plugin the focus is on.

Thanks for your consideration!

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The Focus Quick Controls can do this if I’m not mistaken.

@dream @Martin.Jirsak
ATM, there is no direct way to assign bypass on the selected track in the MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant. Try typing in ‘selected track’ to the search box on top of the Function Browser menu, you will see a list of controls for the select track but all the operations for inserts are missing.

You can, however, trigger a logical editor preset that bypasses inserts on selected tracks. But that only bypass/unbypass all inserts at once, you cannot set a button to bypass e.g. insert 1, 2, and so on.

I think the best way currently is to set up QC for all the plugins you use so that e.g. QC8 always controls bypass of the plugin then every time you open a GUI and when the Focus (the blue dot on the top right) is set to the GUI, you can press QC8 and bypass the plugin. I think it is a bit of waste as we only have 8 slots for QC, though.

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Thanks for your thoroughness Takeshi! :slight_smile:

I had try the logical editor preset (also there’s a key command available for the console).

Great suggestion regarding QC: at the moment I have, for most plugins I use the majority of time, assigned all available QC.
Also, I had try to assign bypass to QC, but unfortunately the KorgNano 2 doesn’t seems to react as expected when the function you’re trying to control is a on/off type of switch and you assign it to a rotary pot. It seems it works well only if the are at least 3 options or is a continuous controller.

Thanks for taking the time to answer. I’ll stick with the mouse for bypassing plugins at the moment, if there are no other solutions. :slight_smile:

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