Bypass or disable VST scan at startup?

I have a LOT of VST plugins, and thanks to new MacOS security (I’m on Mojave) WL9.5 takes 30 minutes (!!) to start up, as it’s scanning VSTs, and something about doing that engages with the new MacOS tccd process. In Activity Monitor, tccd immediately becomes the most CPU intensive process, and even tho Activity Monitor shows it as “only” 50% or so % CPU, the machine becomes extremely slow and laggy to do anything at all.

One could argue this is a tccd MacOS problem, but good luck getting Apple to fix it. IMHO a much better and more expedient solution is to allow WL to bypass VST scanning on startup, both one-time (i.e., start WL whilst holding down a specific key) or permanent via Preferences.


– jdm

normally it starts without VST scanning and uses the last known configuration


Do you maybe have VST Instruments on another drive?

As Steffen says, WL normally starts with the last known configuration and does not auto rescan on start up.

what triggers a rescan? i upgraded to WL10 and it still did a scan the first time, and it took a full 30 minutes. yeesh! i have the UAD system (which installs all its plugs, no matter how many you have licensed), all available Waves plugs, and some. Plugin Alliance, which, like UAD, installs ‘em all regardless of number licensed. so sure, a lot of plugs, but hardly unusual these days.

at least subsequent launches of WL dont scan, but what triggers it? and what am I supposed to do when I just need a quick edit in WL but when I launch it, it goes into this 30 minute scan - while a client is looking over my shoulder wondering wtf?

moreover, Cubase never takes 30 min to scan before start up!

Scanning is triggered when a plugin time stamp changes (a sign of a possible change in the plugin).
Scaninng is alro triggered when installing a new WaveLab version. But not from WaveLab 10, where installing a new version does not cause scanning.

thanks, Philippe, that’s what I’d expect - in a naive implementstion. that’s how I would have coded it, too - until I saw that it could take a half-hour or more; then I would not scan automatically on startup.

i rarely use plugins in WL, so all that scanning is truly wasted time. i’d much rather have scanning on-demand, esp if it’s gonna take 30 min every time Waves or UAD updates, which is often

and why is WL so slow at it, compared to Cubase? i’m wondering if it has slowed down thanks to additional Apple goo in Mojave and later, eg, tccd?

bottom line: 30 min strtup is UNACCEPTABLE for ANY app, esp professional tools like Wavelab. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP, Steinberg!

In upcoming WaveLab 10.0.50 this won’t happen for VST 2 plugin that don’t have a Shell. For example, this won’t happen for UAD plugins, but this will happen for Waves plugins. But Shelled plugins are much faster to scan anyway.

thanks Phillope, I look forward to that and would be happy to beta test it.

my apologies for CAPS shouting; clearly it was past my bed time :wink:

— jdm