Bypass output FX for single clip in the montage

Hi there,

I have a montage where two clips are in a different style from 90% of the other clips so I would need to bypass the output chain for those two when rendering.

Is there a way to do that?


This is something I’ve requested before, but there is no direct solution.

One option is to put the majority of the songs on a single track (using two or more lanes if needed), and then use that track’s “Track Effects” instead of the Montage Output Effects.

Then, for the two clips that are different, you can put those on a new Audio Montage Track and then apply Clip Effects or also Track Effects for those two songs.

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Thanks so much Justin, and thanks for your FANTASTIC tutorials!!

I staggered the clips like you did in your EP montage tutorial, so I’m afraid I would mess up the position in the timeline if I moved them, I was thinking of using your 00_Initial Montage Render preset and switching to “Union of Selected Clips” selecting all them except those two, and then doing the same thing, bypassing the Montage Output section, for just those two. Then using the remaining process you describe in your tutorial.

I don’t need to do a CD, just to deliver film cues which are already numbered like m2, m3 etc. so no numerical prefix will be needed, just the markers as they already are there.

Do you think that could work?

FWIW, you can move clips to a new lane or track without the risk of changing their timing by using the option shown in the attached screen shot that you’ll find in the Clips Tab.

With the arrangement you see here, you can of course have Clip Effects on each song, Track 1 Track Effects could act as your Montage Output Effects for most of the songs, but then as you see in my mock up image, tracks 4 and 8 would not get any of Track 1 Track Effects and then you can add plugins each 4 & 8 as Clip Effects, or together as Track TWO Track Effects .

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Wonderful, thanks a lot!