Bypass panning (ie set to centre) with Generic Remote

Hi is anyone able to help me use my BCF2000 to reset/bypass the panning on audio channels?

There is no option for this in generic remote directly (that i can find anyway)…

I can set a pan value on the device to send Cubase, but 63 ends up panned to L1 and 64 ends up panned to R1…

Thanks for any advice!

Hi, Dave,

this is a known problem which stems from the fact that via Generic Remote you normally work with 7bit MIDI messages (values 0-127). However, the panner has 201 values (-100…0…+100), therefore, some of the panner values have to be skipped when you are rotating a knob on a generic remote device. Unfortunately, the zero value is one of the skipped…

Although there is a workaround it’s not so easy to set it properly. Please, have a look at this post on the older forum:

Fortunately, your controller (BCF2000) is able to trasmit 14bit MIDI messages so you can set it accordingly and then tweak Cubase to accept these higher-resolution messages.

Best regards


Thanks Valsolim… your method works perfectly! (took me a while to get my head around the whole thing =)

Nice one - thanks very much for your help… btw how did you spot the flags issue?

I have found the trick in a tutorial about using BCR2000 with Cubase. I’m glad I could help you :wink: