Bypass the Media Bay Max File Limit?

I scanned one drive so far and reached the 100,000 file limit (samples & midi loops) . I still have dozens more folders to scan, but I don’t think I can go further…any way to bypass the limit?


Open MediaBay settings and increase the value of Maximum Items in Result List.

Can I resurrect this thread to ask whether this has changed in 10.5? Manually typing any number above 100,000 in the maximum file limit box doesn’t work and it just snaps back to 100,000 immediately.


It’s the same in Cubase 10.5. 100,000 is the maximum.

Just curious, is this limit per folder/directory in the sense of 100,000 viewable at once?

I think it’s just the limit on how many search results it will return, but it indexes more. Based on some testing I did, that seems to be right.