Bypassing insert/sends etc. key command for selected channel

since there are no bypass buttons like in old mixer next to fader, im trying to assign key command for that (actually to my cc121 controller) but i cant find them !
i can only find key command to bypass All mixers insert/send etc…

do i miss it or there are no option for selected channel bypass keycommans ?

(…it has always been so easy to bypass an effect just by clicking a button…just one action…the one anybody would look for first, when trying to bypass an effect… :unamused: )

in other posts related to mixer i asked to bring back those bypassing buttons and add Channel strip bypass too even in smaller form as the new dots now in MC.
it was just in front of u all the time in the mixer without opening racks and rows . so easy… wanna bypass… u see u click it thats it…
its a PITA now to bypass/enable from MC… too many clicks.

why don’t you set up a key command to bypass from the inspector ?

i cant find key-command for this…
where is it ?
tell me the secret :wink:

the secret is the search function at the top of the key command box

u are really cubases Columbus , :unamused:
i did search before but find nothing about bypassing selected channel ins/eq etc…

why don’t you try again typing in “bypass”

now u try and see if it works for u and let me know.(but really try if its functioning for selected channel and not for all mixer channels at once )

How could they screw up the mixer so badly?

no wander the promo of new mixer called “Stealer mixer” it steals lot of good functions we used to have :smiley:
(ok lot of good new functions too and its gonna be better im sure, but why taking good things we had ? )
even no key commands for those bypassing ? :unamused: