Bypassing MIR 3D - latency?

Hi folks -

For anyone who uses VSL MIR 3D:

I’d avoided this software because of the buffer multiplier latency that existed on older machines, since I do a lot of performance with modeled instruments and latency is a bit of a buzzkill. Since I mix as I go, it’s problematic to have another layer of complexity added to getting through a cue.

What I would like to know is: is anyone who uses a Mac Studio Ultra on >large templates< - not 25 tracks but hundreds - using MIR PRO 3D in Cubase? And how much latency are you experiencing?

And beyond that: if I set my template up with placement using MIR 3D and then bypass it on each channel, is it still using DSP? Does its latency go away?

I know what the answer >should< be, but MIR is its own weird animal. Wondering how Cubase handles this. Also wondering if MIR will allocate DSP of a single instance of its use per channel in the way that other plugins do - that its DSP stays on the same core the channel is using - or if because of its buffering scheme it uses another set of cores that all instances send to.