Bypassing VSTi's

I don’t see the bypassing buttons on the Steinberg VSTi’s anymore (just an empty space) and on the third party VSTi’s, I do have the bypass button, but they don’t function!?
Not a deal breaker but I prefer to bypass than to deactivate my instruments so now and then :wink:

I can confirm this issue. And this is true for different VST developers.

I can’t replicate this.

In my case it’s not with every plugin though.

I tried a bunch but I’ll get back here if I find one.

None of my VSTi’s that are VST3 plugins have a bypass, all my VST2.4 have.
But I don’t think that is a new thing, AFAIR it was the same in C8.5.
Don’t actually think it is a bug, I have a hard time thinking of a reason to have a bypass on a VSTi when you could turn it off and save some resources.
I could be wrong :slight_smile: