C-11/12 - Ping Pong Delay - How Fine Tune Pan?



I’m using the stock Cubase Ping Pong Delay and its basically panned hard right, hard left at 1/2 measure in the first two bars, then have it turned off in the second two. I would like adjust so it would be something like L70 and R70, but there is no way to do so in this particular plugin, including in automation track options (Spatial doesn’t do that).

I tried using the stock Double Delay, but unless the delays are different on L and R, there is no ping pong effect even when set to -70 and +70.

Any ideas how to pull this off in some other way?

How about the MultiTap Delay?

@hide - Thanks. I’ve used it on my Korg Triny workstation’s hardware sound banks, but weird how I never thought of Cubase having one - pretty much have used double delay most of the time. I just opened it up and it looks nice and tweakable.

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