C-11/12: Some "Global" Way to Change a Project's Musical Mode/s?

My current composition is all in C Major which just sounds too… well, Majory (a tad saccharine in parts, lacking melodic dynamics). Since I’m still very much in the beginning throes of learning more about music theory after decades of ignorance, I use the online Hook Theory to sketch out alternatives.

For instance, I have a mostly chords C Mixolydian version sketched out there which then shifts the chorus and outro into D Mixolydian after the bridge (the last row of measures in screenshot). Blue and yellow IV and I are the chorus.

It’s easy to experiment with Modes at the simple MIDI based interface at Hook Theory that does not have the complexity of tracks and melodies present in my current Cubase C-Major project. At HT, just highlight measures, choose different mode, done. Noodling around to correct any potential tonal centers is also easy.

One can export the basic compositional version as MIDI files and pop them into some generic tracks as reference, and then…

…go into every measure in Cubase and manually shift each one since they are still all as MIDI/VST data on every track to another mode such as the above described, but that would be very time consuming.

And, yes, I should have thought of this mode shifting before I started, but that’s water under the bridge. What is, is.

So is there some global approach to where I could do this kind of mode shift in Cubase? Probably not, but figured I’d ask.


Use the Transpose from the MIDI menu, please.

@Martin.Jirsak - OK, now I feel silly. But thanks. I’m still using C-11 and so it’s MIDI/Transpose Setup. And while not “global”, at least I can do this sequentially to each whole track, not just measures. Or maybe I can select more than one track at time, I don’t know. I’ll just have to try it out.


You can select all MIDI Parts and apply the transpose for all of them at once.

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Ha! Great. Thanks.