C-11: All MIDI In (Keyboard) & MIDI Track Events Corrupted (Vibrato) After Bridge

Everything was fine last night when I recorded the last chorus (last yellow event on the green “M-IN - LEAD GTR” MIDI track.

Then today, when I opened the project to go in and record the missing section at measure 207 between the purple bridge part and the chorus, whether playing the keyboard or letting the chorus part play with the keyboard providing the sound, a constant vibrato is now there.

No matter what MIDI track I select, everything past measure 207 has it.

I’ve done MIDI Reset, created new MIDI tracks, copied the events to those, even opened up a backed up .cpr from last night that’s on an other hard drive, it’s still there.

When I put the cursor before this measure and play my keyboard, sounds fine. ANY place after that, the vibrato is there - this includes going way, way to the right into where there are no MIDI or audio recordings at all.

Due to this, I can’t finish this project for I’m at a complete stall. It must be some .cpr corruption n – and/or my MIDI keyboard (old Korg Trinity HDR).

However, I did open another project with same MIDI track settings, and the keyboard sounded as it should.

I sure hope there is a way to fix this for starting from scratch would be a huge pain in le derrière.


Last, another issue that may or may not be related one can see in the screenshot:

The blue M-IN -STRINGS track doesn’t allow me to choose a Volume automation track. The green M-IN - LEAD GTR one has Volume, but it’s grayed out.

This isn’t as critical as the above OT issue, but I still would like to know what I’m doing wrong, if anything.

Thank you.


Try to add MIDI Insert MIDI Monitor. Can you see, when does the MIDI CC1 come in?

Could you try to Duplicate the track? Is it the same in the duplicated one?

Could you open Automation Panel? Any unexpected d settings here?

I’ve done as you suggested and had posted some export data from the monitor as Controller - Single CC 1 - but deleted that post for I didn’t feel it was useful, and because here is the problem which doesn’t make sense to me:

The original recording of the lead guitar sound was done as a lane on the blue strings track. Since this wasn’t practical – and maybe because of the problem starting in that blue track lane (I can’t remember now), I created the green guitar track and transferred the recorded lead guitar midi into that track.

I also created another blank test midi tracks and did the same - transferred the events. I’ve listened to each of these tracks in solo.

Current result:

The problem area occurs on the green guitar and test midi tracks (I’ve only created two total, but it probably will happen on every new one in this project since this looks like some global project area issue). But the problem does NOT on the original blue track where it was a lane.

I need to have separate midi tracks for different instruments from my keyboard - stacking different midi recordings in one track isn’t useful.

AND I need to figure out how this track corruption can occur on more than one track in the same area. I can’t have this happen again.

What MIDI Monitor data export do I need to post here to figure this out?


What about to create an empty project and import all tracks from this project to the new one?

A screenshot, where we would see, if the MIDI CC1 comes in. Then you can investigate, from where does it come in.

I don’t know what that means for there are various controller options in the MIDI Monitor and I don’t know what section or loop to select. I’m not versed enough in this to understand. But here is what I’ve discovered in the mean time:

The “offending” event is the violet bridge part - where I use pitch bends to simulate guitar string bends. I re-recorded that part. As I usually do, I also cleaned up the Pitchbend lane in the MIDI editor where there are no pitch bends to be at 0, and there are no pitchbends or other modulations at the end of this event, and yet…

… even though the strong constant vibrato is now gone in that event, there is still some subtle vibrato “polluting” the rest of the track.


When I either mute or completely delete that violet bridge event, the “pollution” stops. I’ve also created a whole new test project with all tracks imported, and the behaviour is identical.

In addition, I tested the entire lead guitar set of events on a generic HalionSonicSE track and it seems to play OK though it doesn’t sound as it should since the soundbank on the Trinity is one I created myself from more than one instrument (lead guitar + brass) which is closer to sounding like an actual lead guitar than anything in HalionSonicSE.


I’m wondering if this may be some issue between Cubase and my Korg Trinity workstation from which I play and record, and use it as the soundbank for playback and ultimately audio track render/record.

I’ll upload a screenshot of the Trinity’s Global LCD screen as soon as I can - maybe I have something set in there that should be changed.

OK, here is the aforementioned photo of the Trinity’s Global Settings. Pardon the bad quality but it is legible.

And since this is almost an ancient workstation (was a breakthrough in 1995) that most may not know of, I’ve included a photo of the 61 key version that I have.



I would like to see the MIDI Monitor window, while playback the project around the affected area. So I would see, there is MIDI CC1 coming in from somewhere.

If you are using this keyboard as MIDI keyboard, you should disable the Local Control On option. If this is enabled, you hear the sound doubled (once directly from the keyboard to the synth, for the second time from the keyboard to Cubase and back to the synth).

Whether this will be a permanent fix or not, for now, it works:

I added the CC1 automation lane in the Key Editor for that violet Bridge part and saw that there was various modulation peaks and valleys. I deleted them all and now it sounds normal. So your pointing to CCI was correct. It was simpler to see what was going on in the lane than the monitor.

As to turning off local control on my workstation/MIDI keyboard, it didn’t make any difference one way or another. But I’ll keep it in mind in case some strange things happen.

Thank you for your help.