C 11 any version rendering glitch

from time to time the resulting mixdown export file has a very short glitch in the beginning that is 30db louder than the surrounding wave. it shows in Wavelab like in the attached image.
if i repeat the export of the same project it is almost always fine.


Do you mean rendering or Export Mixdown, please? I expect, you mean the Export.

Could you attach your Export Audio Mixdown window screenshot, please? Do you keep 1 or 2 bars free at the beginning of the project, please?

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yes, export mixdown.

at the beginning of a project i usually have 4bars free, but for the export i use the locators, and that sometimes can be tight, like just 1 beat or so. (for a final mix i leave a couple of bars).

can a close export start point be responsible?



I can imagine so. If the glitch is close to the audio file start.

in the example in my initial post, the glitch is around 4sec. i’ll see when it happens again if an earlier locator will solve the issue.
bottom line though if that is the case: it’s a clear export bug of Cubase that should not happen.