C-11 - HALion Sonic SE 7 - No By-Category Instruments in Left Pane

Cubase Pro 11 & 12, Windows 10.

(Later edit: I had to correct the subject line and some parts of this posting.)

I’ve read through a couple of threads related to similar situation here, but still confused on how to fix this.

Not sure how this all happened, but my guess is that it was after I updated Halion Sonic SE for Cubase 11 and 12 in Download Manager.

Everything seems OK if one uses the Media Bay or Browser to the right - which is not my way of working, and the standard Cubase save or load custom presets in the second image is empty. Since HALion can see those in the Browser, why isn’t it in the left pane part anymore?

They should show up on the left when in the “Edit” mode.

The Library Manager shows the HALion Sonic SE core content in /AppData/Roaming/\VST Sound\ on my C:. My custom presets are where they should be – “…Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\HALion Sonic SE” also on C:.

Please help. Thanks.

Hopefully the now corrected OP makes more sense and someone can help.

It’s been 2 weeks since I posted the OP.
Same situation in both Cubase 11 and 12.
Could someone PLEASE help.

Thank you.

@ Martin.Jirsak - I read a thread about a similar problem that you replied to, but it didn’t apply to this situation. I would appreciate your input.

Press F5 to open the Cubase MediaBay and click “Update Results” at the top. Take a look through the File Browser section of the MediaBay and check if everything is in order.

If your presets still don’t show up, you can try forcing a full MediaBay rescan:
Missing Loops & Samples - #2 by Romantique_Tp

Please make sure to backup your mediabay3.db file.

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@Romantique_Tp - Thanks for responding. I went through what you suggested (had to do both 11 and 12 for the second Missing Loops & Samples), but still in same situation.

I scoured the Net for an image of what I’m talking about, and while what I found is HALion Sonice SE 3, it does show what is missing for me in the left side where instruments are automatically organized as shown.

But now there is that empty round “Drop Program or Layer” and still none of my saved presets for this VST in the standard Cubase presets folder - both shown as first two images in the OP.

Yes, these can all be found in the right side Media Bay Browser, but the directory based system is far harder to find both instruments and presets.

I’d like what is shown below “All Instrument Sets” (highlighted in yellow in HS SE 3 pics below) to show up again - and have my presets for HALion Sonce SE be there as they are for all VST I have saved in Cubase:




The Load tab has been completely replaced by the undockable Load Panel.

Under normal circumstances, using the Browser tab should not be necessary to load user presets. It looks like all of your user presets are Multis. If everything is working correctly, you can find them quickly by setting the Preset Type to either “Multis” or “All Presets” (optionally, uncheck the “Factory” button at the top of the Load Panel).


Alternatively, you can simply click the Multi slot to the top left of the plug-in window. This will automatically make the Load Panel MediaBay only show Multis after you’ve selected a Library.

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@Romantique_Tp - Thanks for further input. So, if I understand correctly, what is highlighted below - the “All Instruments Sets” Load type - is no longer available?

If so, did this go away after v.6, and if so, can one download that version to replace v.7? Probably not, but figured I’d ask.

If you have a license for Halion Sonic 6 then you can download and use it.
If you come from Halion Sonic SE 3 (that was included in Cubase) you can use that.

@Johnny_Moneto - I’ve got myself confused. HALion Sonic is the instrument, SE is its content. And as far as the Download Assistant, there is only v.7. - for both Cubase Pro 11 & 12. My Cubase upgrades have been far and few between - from SX to 3 to 6, then 11, then 12.

But I had what I showed in the above post in 11 and 12, then it was gone. I don’t see any way to manually download HALion Sonic 6 at my account at Steinberg, so maybe I’m just out of luck on all of this.

I’m still not clear on if that part is permanently gone, or I just don’t have my HALion Sonic set up right.

Like I said:

All future content will require Halion Sonic 7, so you should avoid downgrading unnecessarily. The sooner you switch to HS7, the simpler the transition to new versions of Cubase will be.

If you still can’t find your user Multis without using the Browser tab (you’ve not made this clear), try resaving your presets in Halion Sonic 7 or contact Steinberg Support for further assistance.

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