C-11 - Have Automation Drawing and Points Auto-Snap to Quantized Grid?

It drive me nuts when I zoom in on automation curves I did in 4 or so bars view only to hear and see that I’ve missed the quantize grid - whatever the parameter lanes I’m creating and/or re-editing.

So I have to zoom in to an insane level to nudge them to snap – which is tricky for it can change the parameters up or down by a few digits if not done in perfect horizontal movement - which is next to impossible. It’s also time consuming.

The screenshot shows the problem and the desired autosnap in the highlighted area:

– The Input Filter Pre-Gain is off-quantized (problem).
– The StandardPan Left-Right is right on the quantize grid line (desired).

Is there a setting somewhere so that this problem can be avoided?


@Martin.Jirsak - You’ve been very helpful in the past with me and others, so I hope you may be able to help with this. Thank you.

Not Martin, but if you just hold the mouse button down when adding an automation event, you can drag the event at which point it snaps according to the Quantize setting.

@paka - Thank you very much. Works like a charm! This will save me a lot of time.