C-11: How to Record Off Keyboard Workstation Sequencer Tracks to Cubase?


I have a classic but old Korg Trinity music workstation (it was THE synth nicknamed “The Silver Beast” back in, uh… 1995 - I got mine second hand in 2002). I have many unfinished songs saved to floppy that I can upload into the Trinity’s sequencer.

Above is a test MIDI recording straight out of a song on the Trinity, both track and editor view. A mess because…

All tracks got MIDI recorded on one track (pads, guitar, drums, keys).

Is there a modern and efficient way to record each track simultaneously each on its own track in Cubase?

The Trinity’s old style track view on the 6" LCD screen is so small to figure out what instrument is on what track. The only way I can think is to have to figure out what track is on what MIDI channel and then record each one, one after the other. Time consuming…

Of course, at this point it only sounds right if the Trinity is reading and playing the MIDI (it does fine when I hit play in Cubase of what you see in the screenshots as the correct tracks on the Trinity ).

That can be changed to whatever sounds and/or VSTi I wish once I have each instrument on its own Cubase track.

But it’s total multitrack MIDI spaghetti in one bowl (track) at this point.

Cubase Pro?

Let it all record to one track. No problem, as you can ‘Dissolve’ it to new tracks based on MIDI channel once it’s in Cubase.

If you want the tempo track recorded as well…
Not sure if there’s a way to sync Cubase to the Korg MIDI clock and record any tempo changes it might do on the fly. Seems like it should be.

If not, you do get tools to analyze and manipulate tempo and time signatures after the fact.
Setting up a Tempo Track from Tempo Detection (steinberg.help)

Another tip. I don’t know about the Trinity, but some workstations will happily export general MIDI *.mid or *.smf files. If yours supports that it might save you some trouble, as that SMF would include the tempo track for sure. You’d just figure out a way to get the file on your PC and import it into Cubase.

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@Brian_Roland - Thanks for reply. It’s late and had a long day, so I’ll apply your suggestions when I’m more functional, see what happens. No tempo changes in the old stuff, so not a problem there.

And, yes, Cubase Pro 11. Started with SX in the same year I got the Trinity (2002) when my then DAW, Logic, was to abandon Windows users. Steinberg offered a great crossgrade offer, so I took it, Never looked back. :slight_smile:

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@Brian_Roland - A day later: Dissolve Parts worked like a charm on the above test recording, hence it will work on all sequencer songs.

So it looks like my Trinity isn’t that old after all, though going through a pile of floppy disks to fish out worthy contender songs is a bit, well, dated. But if something works, it works. Thanks again.

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