C-11 Lanes: Semi "Opaque" White Shading of Events - What is the Purpose?

As seen in the screenshot, the selected solo lane and all other lanes has their events with the white, semi opaque “film” over them, be they active or muted.

To show normal events, I have to click the handle at the bottom of EACH one: in the screenshot I did so with the very first event part in the solo lane to illustrate that. The example is an audio track, but this happens in MIDI lanes too.

This “film” doesn’t affect the sound, but it’s distracting and time consuming to remove this when I have to zoom in to edit, cut, etc. multiple events in-track.

I went from SX1 to SX3 to C-6 and never saw this, so it must have been added between that version and C-11.

Can someone explain its purpose and/or how this can be removed in Preferences or ? I’d really like to not have to see this at all.


Bump. @Martin.Jirsak or anyone else, PLEASE help.
Follow up on what I’ve learned in next post, but still not resolved.

I said in my OP that this didn’t affect sound.

Well, not as I had it at the time, but now it does. I can see what it does, but I find no way to control it. I still really need help with this. So here is my understanding of this feature:

The top screenshot shows two lanes of which each has parts “whited” out (= muted out). When in lanes view is selected and one solos a lane, the whole lane plays regardless of what parts are white-muted. HOWEVER…

Once one collapses the lanes view, only the parts that are not white/muted out – regardless of lane – will play.

In the second screenshot of this view, it’s very obvious: only the green and yellow parts of the top lane + orange and yellow of second lane actually play.

I can see how this can be useful for one can play sequential parts from more than one lane so as to choose what versions one prefers. BUT…

How can one turn this off if this feature is not wanted – besides having to click on each part? In the example I’ve shown here, I can’t even click on the orange-yellow parts to free them from muting due to extended crossfade needed there.

The only way to access the bottom handle, is to disassemble the crossfade entirely which I don’t want to do due to precise position, etc.

I don’t even know where to look in the manual for this for I don’t know what it’s called.


Please, learn about Comp tool and coming audio in Cubase.

The “film” says, the lane is currently not in use in the comped track.

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OK, thanks @Martin.Jirsak. Now I understand. There are so many layers to Cubase’s ever increasing features, it’s a constant discovery process…