C-11 Pro & Kontakt Komplete Drum Libraries: Easiest Drag & Drop to MIDI Tracks?

My OS is Windows 10 (but from what I’ve seen in online videos, the issue I’m bringing up is the same for a Mac OS) and I’m relatively new to Kontakt.

I’m frustrated at what seems to be a convoluted/complicated process of dropping MIDI grooves or fills from any KK Drum Multisample (Abbey Road, Drum Lab, etc.) into the respective Kontakt track.

Unlike other drum samplers/VST such as EZDrummer and even free ones like Steven Slate and MTPowerKit 2, one can’t just drag and drop the selected groove or fill directly from the GUI. The reason that seems to be so is that…

What is seen in the Kontakt GUI are the samples versions of the selections, not their MIDI counterparts.

One seems to have to open a separate Windows Explorer window and go down the folder directories to finally find the chosen groove or fill seen in the GUI. (The left pane in- Kontakt GUI directories search doesn’t let one, see, open or select actual MIDI files - or at least I haven’t figured out how).

This separate Windows Explorer way is how I had to find and drag in KeyFax MIDI files from archives back in the early 2000s. This is Native Instruments and 2022.

There’s got to be a more efficient way to do this from within Kontakt and/or Cubase that I’m simply ignorant of.

Thank you for your help.

In fact it IS very simple:

MIDI Drag and drop from komplete

Hope this helps :wink:


@funkster1 - Due to poor eyesight, had to play your gif a few times to figure it out. Thanks, that makes sense and is easy, relatively speaking. In other drum VST I use, one just drags and drops from the list without having to click an icon. But this is still better than having to do the additional Explorer search.

Now… since I’m at it:

Can one save grooves and fills within each respective Kontakt drum library from within its GUI (Quick Load doesn’t offer that as far as I can tell) - and if so, how and where?

Hi @Newsoniclight ,

Personally I haven’t tried saving MIDI grooves from /to the Kontakt GUI. Maybe the manual could help you there (or the NI forum).
I have a separate folder for all my MIDI where I save whatever I’d like to keep.
Easy to access from the Cubase file or media browser. Otherwise I edit my MIDI drums in the MIDI editor
and simply stay with it, since that is what works for the song.

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