C-11 PRO: MIDI Recordings Suddenly Don't Play Back in Correct Original Key


Cubase 11 Pro, MIDI and Sound Banks Keyboard is a Korg Trinity.**

I’ve run into this before and I need to figure out why it happens. While not the smartest thing to do, I record my MIDI files in one track, each lane dedicated to 1 instrument from the Trinity. In this case, I’m doing a call and response between bass and keys.

When satisfied I convert each to audio and pop them in their respective audio tracks. As happens, one decides to fine tune or change something, and so I go back to the MIDI track to edit. Then as happened today, out of the blue…

I have to use the MIDI Modifier Transpose of the Keys MIDI file by +2, and the Bass by -1 for each to play in the correct key so as to go in and edit them. When click to view the notes in both files in one piano roll, the notes look right, they just don’t play right.

Until whatever happened, this was not necessary. I do not recall doing anything to the MIDI track or on the Korg side ( be it any Global or sound banks, Combi or Program).

That said, I have maybe inadvertently done something, or not.
Your advise and assistance much appreciated.

** Sure, the Trinity is 27 years old - it came out in 1995. But it was top of the line then, good enough for dozens of top tier pros like Keith Emerson, Vangelis, David Bowie, John Paul Jones, Tony Banks, Phil Collins and the list goes on. And mine still works fine.


Make sure, your project’s sample rate matches the Audio Device Sample Rate, please. To me it sounds, one of them is set to 44.1kHz, the other one is set to 48kHz. Also make sure Korg is set to the same sample rate (if you can set it up).

@Martin.Jirsak - Thanks for reply, but I’ve checked the sample rates. My Behringer UMC 204HD 192K audio hardware in and out are set to 44.1 Hz, 24 bit as is the project.

I did at one point import a few audio-only tracks from a 44.1 Hz, 16 bit project, but temporarily changing the current project at those settings changed nothing, so it can’t be those tracks causing the problem.

What I did discover is that when I physically switched from one Korg program to another - such as acoustic piano to bass or other for the same MIDI file on a lane, some played back in the right key, others not.

This never happened over the 20 years I have had the Korg and makes no sense for I have never changed the key of any Program or Combi, and the Global Master Tune is set at “+00 (440.00Hz” and Key Transpose at “+00”.)

I’ve switched the Korg’s Global Position “PreTG” to PostTG", Local Control On and Off, makes no difference. MIDI Clock and System Clock set at “Internal”, tried “External”, no difference.

Up to now, I could audition various instruments from the Korg for a MIDI file by selecting them through physical buttons in the Korg’s LCD interface without any of them being in different keys.

The Cubase List Editor shows no modifiers for the MIDI files that could cause such key changes. The one shown here is for the bass, but same thing for the piano/keys MIDI file.

As I’ve done before, it seems that I have no choice but to set the Transpose for each file I want to edit and re-record its audio from now on. A nuisance.


Do you use internal KORG sounds, or do you use any 3rd party samples?

For this project, since I’m trying to essentially remaster a composition of mine from 2006 before I every used VSTs, I’m using the Korg’s sounds for that is what I used back then.

I just created a test HalionSonic SE track and copied those the keys and bass MIDI files into it, and both play correctly. So there must be something going on between the Korg and Cubase that is causing this.

Due to age of the Trinity, there are very few forums where I could ask what is going on, but I will try at one I know of.