C 12.0.52 - tempo detection issues?

Have you done any changes inside tempo detection? When tempo went out of sync, I usually used edit to corect wrong point in tempo track, then tempo detection used it and recalculated following beats from edited point to the end. In the latest update, my edit point is moved to nonsence place with nonsence extreme tempo jumps and after a few attemps to correct beatpoint Cubase totaly hangs (freezes).


There is no Cubase 12.5.

What exactly do you mean, please?

Sorry for typos, cubase 12.0.52

I just realized that i have a similar problem. I have a simple drums track in 4/4, made live and so not precise at all, run tempo detection, normally it finds immediately the beats and then i go correct the wrong hits, then it recalculates what happens after the correction. This time it even doesn-t recognize a simple 4/4 the metronome beats go random, completely out of the original drums tempo…impossible to work this way. Thanks for feedbacks, me too 12.0.52 version…

I forgot. The smooth tempo button in the tempo detection prompt is greyed out…

So no chance to smooth tempo? To recalculate tempo from curve with hectic changes on every beat, which is often not musical at all, to more fluent bigger steps, like bar or 2 bars? I do not belive this is a problem to add one button.
Also, manual tempo correction while “tempo detection is working” stopped working. It’s unusable now.(since C12). In older versions I could manually find first out-of-sync beatpoint, move it to a correct location and tempo detection followed this correction and continued from this point…