C-12 Pro: Import of Type 1 MIDI Files – CC Data Stripped Out?

Cubase Pro 12, Windows 10

== CC Lane/s Issue

I bought some piano + strings orchestral files because unlike most, it included CC modulation which is important for this type of arrangements.

Here is what happens…

When I drag one of these arrangements from Explorer, it creates a MIDI track and shows up as a Type 0 single file containing both piano + strings. The modulation lane shows up and is editable.

When I use File/Import MIDI (since my preferences are set to import MIDI as Type 1), two MIDI tracks are created, one for piano and one for strings.

But… the modulation lane which for the strings file is frozen (not editable). Its curves show up yellow shown here below.

Then when I copy paste the piano and the strings files from those MIDI tracks into their respective VST tracks, even the frozen modulation disappears.

I can probably copy the modulation lane out of the Type 0 piano + strings file and put in the strings modulation lane.

But I have 20 such arrangements, and so a frustration.

And since I’m at it, might as well include this issue too:

== MIDI Files Imported Not Keeping Original Names

Also also mentioned by others in the past here, Cubase hardly every transfers the original MIDI file names in either. Example: the arrangement shown above is called “Cinematic Emotions Vol 2 – 1.mid”.

But even the Type 0 version is just called “strings”, and the Type 1 files “piano” and “strings” respectively.

I can’t recall if there is a workaround for this issue also, but I think it also depends on how the original files where created - different DAWs export protocols differ.

Input/solutions to both issues welcomed.


You can use MIDI > Dissolve Part and dissolve it by Channel.

To me this looks like an Automation track with the given MIDI CC.

Hi Martin,

“You can use MIDI > Dissolve Part and dissolve it by Channel.”
I forgot about that function, that did the trick. Thanks. :sunglasses:

It shows up yellow because the MIDI part is colored yellow.
As Martin said, this happens when the MIDI CC was converted to VST automation.
Make a right click on the track in the project view and select to display used automation lanes.

@Johnny_Moneto - Thanks for the tip. Once I did as you stated, and then copied the MIDI strings to my VST track, the modulation date was included in the MIDI section.

Which is better in my case than how it showed up as its MIDI track counterpart (a modulation lane on the track, not within the MIDI file/event itself).

And you’re right - it was in yellow due to Cubase coloring the imported MIDI file’s track yellow. Duh… lol.

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