C-12 Pro: Need Help Transposing Minor (Melancholy) to Major (Triumphant)

The video linked at the end of this post is a 2:46 min. very early draft of a (for now) only two chords composition - genre: a bit orchestral, somewhat slow Pink Floyd-ish.

I’ve looked at plenty of videos and know how to use the Circle of Fifths, but I don’t want to just transpose to another key, I know how to do that:

It’s got to totally change the melodic feel, to as stated, a triumphant, expansive feel. Must be somehow related to a relative minor pivot or ? I want to go up, not down in scale.

As the video and above screenshot show, the current key is Bb/A# and the underlying chords are Eb/D# maj7 and Gmin 7. I loaded one of the string tracks in the key editor to show a bit more variety in the melody. The first (blue/cyan) part is to stay as-is; the part I want to transpose as described is the second red/pink section.

Chord/key suggestions to do this and any other help is much appreciated.

Real Time Key Editor Video of This Draft - 2:46 min.


Sorry, I don’t understand… What is your question? Do you want to change a minor chord to its major chord version (Cmin to C)? If this is the case, use the Logical Editor. Filter all Notes E and transpose them 1 semitone down.

@Martin.Jirsak - Thanks, but there is no E in the key of Eb to use as pivot to another key. If I were to transpose (all of it) to the key of E for example, I would still end up with a G#min7 (equivalent of the Gmin7 in the Eb key) which only shifts the same tonal relationship.

To use a silly analogy, carrying an apple and an orange (chord structure) to a different floor in a building up or down doesn’t change the relationship between the two - they are still an apple and an orange.

So this is basically a modulation issue from what I understand, and being new to such concepts and applications, it gets confusing for me.


If you are talking about Eb minor, transpose the Gb to G to get Eb (major).