C-12 Pro: No Track Presets for Sampler Tracks

Very new to sampler track, so checking out videos online.

First screenshot shows a video of Cubase 12 where choosing “Load Track Presets” shows a large variety of presets. Second screenshot is what shows up in my Cubase: nothing available. Very briefly when I click “Attributes” I can see grayed-out listings that disappears.

How do I access them?
Thanks for your help.

Can someone please respond with a solution or insight? Thanks.

I don’t use the sampler
but I think you are confusing it with mediabay
You can open the mediabay with F5
and then drop an audio file into the sampler

The problem isn’t adding audio into a sampler track (from Media Bay or other source), it’s having the tons of presets shown in the first screenshot of the YouTube video. Not one preset available in my Cubase 12.