C 6.0.1 - Imported V5.x projects randomly lose X-fades

Yep, lost crossfades is a pretty old error, which had it’s ups and downs :wink: .

Just starting to mix bigger project, that was edited by the client, in V5.
80% of the crossfades have turned into fade outs.
There are hundreds of them and as it seems, I’ll have to check each and every one …
Not good.

Anyone else seen this ?
Was it working flawless in 6.0.0 ?

bye, Jan

Not on c6, but is the problem limited to saves from C5 or from 6.0 as well?

Maybe 5.5.3 will fix the problem on the legacy side.

With ‘Not on c6’ You mean storing and loading a C 6.0.0/1 project, keeps it’s crossfades ?

Have no time to do much testing.
So far it happens on all V5 songs, from that client.
Will have to check, which V5 version he uses …

Oh … and the whole project is a collaboration, started in V5, in my studio.
The files I get, are track-archives.

Have to change the topic …

bye, Jan

I’m sure you understand Steiny and their ways well enough by now Dada.

If you can save as 6.0, and it loads in 6.01 no problem, then that is the workaround/fix you need, otherwise if the Steinbergers will continue this concept of updating legacy softs, then “no worries” I’d believe.

Cheers and good work

And the ‘DaDa-version-bug’ corrected, here too.
( i.e. mix up of 6.0.2 and 6.0.1 )


I know Dada you spend a lot of time with virtually no thanks (but often disdain) for what you do, so I personally commend you in this regard.