C 9.5.10 - Sampler track basic functionality broken

So… I really really can’t believe they didn’t find this… This is probably the most basic functionality of the sampler track, and it seems to be broken in 9.5.10. When you cut out a small excerpt from an audio recording, and drag+drop it onto a sampler track, you probably want the sampler track to play back no more than what you just dropped in there. In other words - you want it to automatically place the start and end points where they should be in relation to your original audio, in order to match your excerpt. Well - this doesn’t happen in 9.5.10. It all works fine in 9.0.30.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an audio track
  2. Record or import some audio onto the track
  3. Using the range tool, cut out a small excerpt of audio
  4. Create a sampler track
  5. Drag and drop the audio excerpt you just created onto the sampler track.

Result: The whole original audio clip will be added to the sampler track with the start and end points at the beginning and end of it. The start and end points of your excerpt will be ignored.

Workaround (not very ideal): Before dropping the audio excerpt onto the sampler track, use Audio->Bounce Selection.

Can anyone confirm this, or did I miss some setting somewhere…??

Yes, this is broken.

Yes. It works exactly as you describe.
But also Offline Processing is ignored and I think the only way to get satisfying result is to bounce excerpt before you operate with it.
Anyway better is to backup Audio record before you do something on it. From this point bouncing is not worse thing, I think :slight_smile:


Thank you for confirming! I hope it gets added to the developer list of bugs immediately.