C 9.5.30 Have created new files...want to delete? Does not appear


in Cubase 9.5.21 and before, if I import an audio file and I close the song without saving, Cubase says:
“You have created new files since the last time you saved the project. Do you want to delete these?”

In Cubase 9.5.30 this message does not appear, is there a way to bring it back?


Mine still does this. Was doing some mess about recording of vocals today and it worked as usual…

Bug confirmed here


Did just try, import a bunch of audio to different tracks, confirmed that the files were copied to the Pool/Project audio folder.
Removed the audio tracks.
Close Project (do you want to save the project) does show, but nothing else.
Close down Cubase.
Open Cubase and load project again.
Open Audio Pool, and the audio files are still there.
“Remove Unused Media” still works, so I guess I have to get used to using that one a lot more :-/

Thank you all,

support ticket submitted.

+1 here for the issue…

CAN-15844 - Close project without saving - delete recorded files dialogue missing

Just found out it was already reported as CAN-15475 - it is going to be fixed with 9.5.40.

Thanks for the report.