C 9,5 and panorama bug

I’ve noticed strange stereo panorama bug now with different projects - i’ve noticed it in group channels and audio channels too - the output of L is OK but the right signal goes to MUTE (zero - works like pan pot is 100% left but it’s not!

when PAN is turned OFF, this does not happen (but I cannot use panorama)
when PAN is turned ON, it looks like some GUI problem because when I touch PAN with mouse and mouse left button is pressed, it works correctly, with mouse button released goes right channel again to ZERO and pot settings has no effect, PAN is turned ON )…
Thanks a lot for a hint or for prompt fixup, becuase this is seriosly dealbreaking issue…

I tried loading the same project with previous C 9,0 - it’s OK.
The problem is in new C9.5. Last update.

Have you written to Nektar about this? Any resolution? Im asking as I’m planning to buy a P6 soon…

My P4 was working pretty well in C9 but I noticed it wasn’t working right in 9.5. I reinstalled it last night and it’s working right now as far as I can tell. I do not know if that would be helpful-maybe there is some weird thing that would be fixed if you reinstall the Nektar.

This could it be related with Nektar controller? Because I do not use Nektar…Also, after update to the latest 9.5.20 the problems disappeared - maybe it’s OK now?