C 9.5 - Direct Offline Process - Process Plugin

Finally that this function is on, (we are waiting for this since Cubase 5).
But really some things are not making any sense…

  • No Preset function for all the chain of the plugins.

  • And regarding the presets, that would be very using full to be (every preset you make) in a menu item,
    so you can be able finally to make a shortcut for every one ! something that we have asked before from the macro side of Cubase.

  • The tail of the prosses again has a limit !! … So you force again for some specific processes to open a new channel and do everything from scratch.

  • And you have changed all the way of processing single vst effects work… (Process Plugin)
    For example, before with one shortcut, you could call any vst effect to use it for an audio,
    and you adjust the preset and press enter… and you were able to continue work!
    Now you call the Direct Offline Process window and you are forcing everybody to change the way that they were used to work with,
    you need to grab your mouse and close the window or use the windows/mac close window shortcut (Ctrl + W / Command + W).

Really changing the workflow is not an advantage for the users, Please try to see more the user side than the programmer one.

+1 for that

favourites and presets are crucial feature for offline processing

You’re totally right talking about Preset epic fail. But considering Shortcut VST effect or plug-in… now you can do the same way you did before just press Escape instead of Enter. I’d say that today it looks a bit better but without presets it’s just another half-baked feature and this is my biggest disappointment about 9.5 as well as Automation Editing without Tool-tips with actual values.

I thought you can use plugin presets fron inserts for this? But no tail times? And when clicked on the clip do the plugins show up to make changes?

Yes but if I use ESC for another use ?? … :smiley: why to change my workflow …
I know is not a big deal, but collecting this kind of small changes,
for the user end ups to be really annoying …

Sure you can,
but I want to have a faster workflow and is not a big deal to have the ability to not have a tale restriction.

In General, all this kind of suggestions is really nothing from the programming side to be done,
from the moment that the features are there.
for sure is a good thing to support the daw and the programmers work,
but let’s find an equal balance with the updates.

Super disappointed we can’t save our chains as presets for quick recall. I find it hard to believe Steinberg didn’t consider that option.
So close but so far.

In general, we’re fighting for new features to get a chance to change our workflow :wink: :smiley:
So if I were you I’d sacrifice ESC. :smiley:

One bug I have found,
when you have an audio clip, and you duplicate the clip and for example, you process stereo flip on it,
and again you duplicate it and again you try to process the stereo flip to the new clip and again and again.
(or using a macro to do all that).
If you have the Audition Loop on, all the process is happening to the second duplicated clip and not the last one.
If you remove the Audition Loop, everything works like it should be.

One more issue on C.9.5.10
When you have multiple audio clips (like 20 excerpts) and you apply pitch shift to all of them, without time correction option ON.
the pitch shift function applies normally, BUT the length of the excerpts (clips) remains the same.
In the previous Cubase versions, the excerpts used to pick up the length of the applied pitch shift.

For example :
while you apply pitch shift +12 semitones up, the length of an excerpt used to decrease half of its original size,
but in the latest Cubase version - the length stays same regardless of a pitch value applied.
which is therefore not supporting the natural sound behavior principles.

There is a way to skip this problem by bouncing all the excerpts, one by one,
but with many of them, it becomes rather inconvenient.
(Imagine to have to deal with 100 excerpts!)

Suppose you pitch shift +1 semitones up, and there you get excerpt with a tail (from the file of an excerpt) within the same length,
and then you have to calculate manually the amount of milliseconds that an excerpt should receive naturally…

in case of +1 or especially fraction pitch values it becomes complicated to calculate unless of course, you know these numbers by heart :slight_smile:

I also get annoyed by the fact I couldn’t simply hit “enter” to apply the effect when using shortcuts to call a specific treatment or plugin.
For example, before, I wanted to apply “stereo flip” I did F+enter. Half a second. Now needing to grab the mouse and hit the “Apply” button.
I would be fine with the way it is if the “Apply” button was highlighted by default and just needing to press enter to process and keep going.
That was the same story with audio export that I used a lot before render in place… It used to be 2 key hits and done.
Small things, but they do make a difference.

edit : Reverse works instantly though, I guess because there is no parameter to choose from.
But funny behavior if I see the process history and I reversed the part many times, I see x times the reverse…

All the above and the fact it can ruin entire sessions - dangerous stuff.

Update 9.5.20

The length of the excerpts is back to normal when you pitch for example many excerpts, (again and again) to the natural sound behavior principles.
BUT…you need to close the D.O.Process editor and re-open it again (for any new process), otherwise the length behaves very strangely.
Also, I have noticed that the all procedure is a way too slow…
For example, if you apply the above to 16 excerpts, it makes like 90seconds+ to finish the process !!

Plus one other bug, if you apply for example a reverb to one excerpt (with a tale process)
and after you select a random number of 16 excerpts that you want to apply the pitch process.
The result is what you expect, but the last excerpt brings a huge tale or the rest of the audio clip that is not supposed to be there.

Really weird behavior…