C:drive backup, before upgrading Win10 to Win11 safety

Hi, thinking of upgrading my win10 DAW(laptop) to Win11.
but in any case, i want to backup my C:Drive(322 gb in use from 500)
what’s the best way to backup to restore completely if Win11 goes wrong for me.
i saw some YT videos saying Win11 has better performance for audio, and in general want to move forward if possible
(cubase 13 pro-UR44 , Lenovo legion 5 pro laptop 11800H intel)
Edit: is windows Backup and restore “create system image” do the job?
Edit2: just to mention, i want to update within win10 installation, and not a clean installation of Win11 . hope it has no many drawbacks this way (not going to install all my programs from start for sure ! )

If you want to ensure that you can go back to the current Win10 system without major issues, I suggest to buy a new HD/SSD and clone the current one, e.g. with an external copy station. Then you have two identical disks and can update one to Win11. If you want to go back, just swap the disks.
Of course, you can also create a disk image using a backup tool and restore it if necessary. It should also be possible to revert the Win11 upgrade within 10 days via the Windows system options, but I’ve never tried this myself.

I upgraded my PC from Win10 to Win11 some time ago. I had no issues and everything is still working pretty well so far.

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OK, thanks, ill do further research on Win11, and creating Disk Image, and will decide if its worth to install Win11 at all