C sharp / D flat

C sharp / D flat

When using a piano keyboard,
is there any ways to «forced Sharp or flat» ?



No, especially not in an open key. If you’re in D major then you should certainly see C# rather than Db, but if you’re in A flat major, then you’ll see Db rather than C#. In an open key, you’re more likely to see C# at present.

We are hoping to make some improvements to the default enharmonic spelling produced during step-time input very soon, and that may include exposing some options for preferred spellings in open keys (we will certainly do that in due course, but I’m not sure if it’ll make it into the first post-release update).

A lot of atonal music follows a ‘rule’ of ‘sharps when ascending and flats when descending’ much of the time. I hope this will be an option when the options become ‘exposed,’ as you say, Daniel. I brought this issue up on the Sibelius forum along about Version 6 I believe, but to my knowledge nothing was ever done about it there. Hoping it will be in Dorico!