C. St 5.5.3 Video track

When I create and import a Video track, the only type that the video player (F8) will
play is the .MOV. The .AVI and .MPEG4 all load with thumbnails, and the audio plays, but not the video.
Is there a fix for this. Can C. St. 5 be made aware of other codecs than for .MOV.
Ta Will

I, and several others, can not get ANY video of ANY format to play in Cubase5, be it XP, Vista, or W7 - this goes for 64 bit as well as 32-bit. AFAIC, Cubase5 does not handle video.


Thanks Jeff, I thought it was just me. As I said, the video track works with .MOV
(ie Quicktime files) but no other type. Given that the F8 in Device Setup brings in
a video player that doesn’t work with .AVI .WMA and MPEG, you’d have thought that Steiny
would have put out some guidelines.
I take videos with my camcorder that producers H264 HDV files with the suffix .MTS
which I can convert to .AVI or .MPEG4, but not .MOV. All I want to do is set some music to the scenes.
Perhaps there’s a better way.

I know it’s been a while since you guys posted this.

but according to the manual, Cubase 5 can, after the update to 5.5.3 and also the previous 5.5.0 update. only play MOV files.

in the first edition of cubase 5 you could change the playback method, between directshow, quicktime and more if needed.
I have 200+ fraps in AVI format here at work. and I just had cubase installed because it’s my preferred sequencer. but with this change… Steinberg definitely lost a customer!


That’s not correct…