C10 Elements support for Chord Pads Player Modes: Sections


The Operation Manual for Cubase10 Elements states the following :

The Player Setup allows you to select a player and a voicing setting that is typical for that kind of player, and determine if the notes of a chord are played as plain chords, as a pattern, or as sections.

However I see only the options Plain Chords and Pattern in my fresh installed version 10.0.20 build 187.

Does anyone know if the Sections option is supported in Elements 10 ?
Which would mean that the above line in the manual is wrong ?

Or am I missing something ?

Thanks !

Hi and welcome,

I can confirm, it’s the same on my side here in Cubase Elements. Sections are not available here.

Thanks for checking Martin.
I like the Chord Pad functionality, so I dropped this issue at Steinberg support.
I will post the reply here.


It’s the same in Cubase 9.5 Elements. I think it’s a feature diff and it’s wrong in the manual.

Steinberg confirmed Martin’s conclusion: the “sections” chord pad player mode feature is not in Elements, and the mention of it in the C10 Elements manual is an error.
So I must buy the Artist edition to play with this :frowning: