C10 Freeze & collapse with result of lost work and no DMP file

Hello All

After an upgrade from C9 to C10 (10.0.15) - I have a got new Cubase 10 issue.

I have a project with some GA drums, some Helion instruments and some Audio files loaded.
When I move the mouse over the screen and click on something, the screen often freeze and then Cubase collapse.
in few milliseconds I see the resource meter hit the top before the screen get black.

When Cubase collapse no BCK files are created or updated and client work is lost.
I cant find any DMP files.
Does anyone of you have some good ideas.

I have created a ticket with Steinberg support 2 weeks ago (#179079) - but still no response yet.

Windows 10 latest release on HP OMEN Laptop.


I have a similar problem. The only thing you can do is search for the event log that Windows creates when Cubase collapse. I tried both C10 and C9.5
and they both crash because some faulty dll. C10 is crashing because “Faulting module path: C:\Windows\System32\ucrtbase.dll”
C9 because " Faulting module name: graphics2d.dll". It may be something related to the graphics driver for me.
Open Event Viewer in Windows and search there. Maybe we have the same problem.

HI Thanks for your reply - I searched the Windows 10 event log but found nothing related to Cubase or Steinberg as search criteria.
Microsoft release some major updates within the next couple of days - I cross the fingers and hope issue is with Microsoft and not Cubase as Steinberg have been laid back and relaxed on my Ticket for more than 3 weeks now.

What I did was : wait for the darn thing to crash again and then search in Event Viewer/Windows Logs/Application . Error logs are marked with a red circle. If there is one you can´t miss it.
My problem seems to be related to some graphics dll. You could try to re-install your graphics driver. In my case it helped a bit and the crashes are less frequent. But they still happen. It could be the graphics driver , windows or Cubase. Also you should send another ticket to Steinberg. Spam them with tickets. They must fix this. Cheers !