C10 Pro Crashes When Loading Project

When I load most of my projects inCubase Pro 10.0.30 they crash. It happens at various points of the mix console loading. However, when I load my blank template, which works fine, and then load the project that wouldn’t previously load (without activating it) it usually loads fine. I then close the template, which activates the project and then I can usually, not always, work on my project.

I’m working on a MacBook Pro, High Sierra, 10.13.6.

I’ve attached the crash dump file.

Hopefully someone can help.

Many thanks!
Cubase 10_2019-06-20-123154_Stewarts-MacBook-Pro.crash (103 KB)

Hi and welcome,

The crash is in the iZotope Nectar 3 plug-in. Make sure the plug-in is up to date, please.