C10 + TyrellN6 = crash [RESOLVED]

Cubase 10 Pro. No HiDPI. Windows 10.

Rats. I love that synth.

(did NOT try the compatibility workaround)
Cubase 64bit 2018.11.29 20.31.dmp (744 KB)


Could you attach the crash dump file, please?

Attached to OP. Thanks.


When does it crash? When you load the plug-in or when you open the GUI, or when you change the parameters? Is it always reproducible?

When I load the plugin. My first crash happened when dragging the VSTi from the media pane. My second crash (log not attached) happened when I tried adding an instrument track with it. In both cases I never saw the GUI.

Thank you for the responses.

Works on Windows 10 here (also no HiDPI). What build of Tyrell are you using? Any alternate skin? Is the data directory in the right place?

I’m using Tyrell version 3.0.0 here, with an alternate skin on by default. The reason I asked about skins and the data directory is because U-he plugins will crash if a skin has been incorrectly installed or if the data directory was moved post-install.

Thanks for the info. It was working on 9.5 so nothing was moved post-install. Perhaps I should try a re-install though. Easy enough.

I downloaded the installer and saw a “VST3 readme” file, which said the VST3 version is buggy on some systems. They recommend sticking with VST2. I uninstalled the other files (u-he uninstalls are manual) and re-installed the 64-bit VST2 version. Works!

Their VST3 support has improved with the rest of their line, but Tyrell being a freebie commissioned by a third party website means it doesn’t get all the updates unfortunately. Glad you got it working.