C10 writes empty files in hi-res samplerates projects with VST Connect Pro


I need to record files 24bit/96khz and 24/192 from RME Babyface, connected to macbook or iPad and connected to C10 in mac mini by VST Connect Pro in my home local network: mac mini connected by cable, macbook and iPad are connected by WIFI. If I record files in 24/192 Cubase project from macbook or iPad, recorded files in session is empty. They starts contain a waveform only after pressing the button “Get HD files”. If I record files in 24/192 Cubase project from macbook, I see a waveform (and listen audio) in Cubase project. If I record files with same resolution from iPad, I see empty files. I have tried with video on/of - same results.
If I record 24bit/48khz all is ok with macbook and iPad. Is it normal or a bug?

VST Connect Pro on mac mini
VST Connect Performer on macbook
VST Connect Performer 3.0.20 on iPad 2018

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Sorry, why you don’t just transfer the WAV files from macBook pro iPad to your mac mini computer?

Because the instrument performer isn’t a sound engineer and lives in one city, and I - in another city. Now I test a system and if all work OK I will give my iPad or macbook to the performer and will make a lot of remote records from my location (I need to record many samples, it will take several days). So, while recording I think it is normal to listen and see waveform as usual, right?